Stress Relief Games That Can Enhance Your Life

Stress Relief Games That Can Enhance Your Life

Stress hits most of us at some point in our lives. In fact, many of us get stressed out over things we have no control over and sometimes this is part of the problem.

Stress will usually rear its ugly head in the work place. It is roughly estimated that close to 300 million dollars are spent every year in America for job stress related incidents.

Liked a coiled viper waiting to strike, stress can stealthily sneak up on us when we least expected it and attack us without warning. We suddenly find ourselves short tempered, our hands shake and we sweat before even opening the office door.

Now there are games that we can play and techniques we can use to relieve the stress in our lives before stress sends us to an early grave. The stress relief games come in many different varieties. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to reduce our pent up stress. This is a scientific fact; these stress relief games really do work.

These small games and activities within them are designed to reduce stress a lot faster than other techniques. Some of the other techniques include deep breathing and meditation exercises. These techniques also work very well at relieving stress, but many find themselves too stressed out to even begin trying to calm down  enough to begin a meditation exercise.

These stress relief games aid in reducing the stress created by high-pressure situations at work or at home. These games can become more effective the more you use them. Take the “Singing in the Shower” game, for instance. Some of you might just do this anyway; if so, then good for you!  The idea is to choose a tune, then make up the words to the song with anything that might pop into your head. You don’t even need a shower to play this game!

Another stress relief type game is based on the “counting sheep” to fall asleep theory, except you will be driving to work counting specific cars on the drive without falling asleep at the wheel. The whole idea is to take your mind off stressful situations you might conjure up before getting to work.

It does no one any good to get stressed out over events at work that have not happened yet. Counting certain makes or models of cars while driving to work helps keep your busy mind occupied so you are not dwelling on stressful situations.

There are many free stress relief games online that you can play and relieve your anxiety. If you Google “Stress Relief Games”, you will get quite a return for resources. Many of these stress relief games are addictive, but not as addictive as the tranquilizer medication your doctor might start prescribing to you if you don’t learn how to reduce your stress level.

Once you begin using these games, your stress will diminish almost immediately. You will begin feeling more at ease, sleep better, eat better and you will be less likely to overreact unnecessarily.

As silly as some of these stress relief games might sound, playing these games can reduce your stress level. They all use simple techniques that are designed to set your mind at ease so that you are not constantly creating imaginary worries to stress yourself.

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